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I have a twitter account and a TV. As far as shows that involve public debate I personally much prefer On The Blower on Friday mornings on RRR (I am actually subscribed to it). It’s way less stage-managed and open and some average people like you and me actually get to get a word in edgeways somewhere. Not surprisingly the discussion is a lot more critically robust and generally educational than the kind of ideologically-driven BS that tends to be emanate from the corporate mouthpieces and other far-right blowhards who seem to constitute the lion’s share of guests on Q&A.

That said is it fun sport to try to get a tweet up, even if the show at times degenerates to a tenor of something approaching fingernails scraping along a blackboard like it was last week when they brought Pauline ‘if you are watching this I have been murdered’ Hanson. I seem to be doing okay so far at four in the last year; maybe I should go for ten – it’s a nice round number haha.

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