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Silent Majority PSA

We must have oppression or we will have chaos. If you think for yourself the terrorists win. The interests of the privileged and those of the many are more or less the same thing, thus to serve the few is to serve the public good. The truth of an idea is determined by the number of people who believe it. Words speak louder than actions, therefore ideological beliefs are more important than whether or not you manage to form an independent value system and the kind of person you are. Criticising my actions and attacking my rights are the same thing, therefore politically correct thought policing and holding me to account for the consequences of my actions are the same thing. Some of my best friends are other fascists, I mean normal respectable citizens. Freedom is an excuse to hide behind, not a principle to stand in front of and defend for others. Anyone who says otherwise is probably a communist or some kind of deviant or both.

Yours sincerely, the silent majority.



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