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Hanson’s Latest Whingefest

Narcissistic attention seeker and professional supply addict Pauline Hanson protests descriptions of racism and comparisons to racist counterpart US Presidential candidate Donald Drumpf.

‘Australians are so over being labelled as racist,’ Hanson says to Sky News, while both she and her interviewers somehow manage to miss the glaring cognitive dissonance of denying being racist while using ‘Aussie’ and white interchangably — much less to say the inability to tell the difference between labeling someone and describing them.

Not at all racist either is Hanson’s insistence that Islam is incompatible with the ‘Australian way of life’ and laws and ‘people’ (meaning whites Aussies) are right to be concerned about it. What she means is that Islam is unAustralian; apparently she only objects to labels when applied in her own direction.

Racism can be cultural as well as biological, and counterposing Islam to the ‘Australian Way of Life,’ understood to mean white culture, racialises both. Hanson insists nevertheless that ‘I’m not going to back away from my beliefs.’ Of course she’s not; how else would she get narcissistic supply?



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