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New EP: Faustian Bargain Hunt

Have just finished a new EP, ‘Faustian Bargain Hunt.’ It features ‘Fuck the TSA (If You’re Molesting People, the Terrorists Have Already Won)’ inspired by my recent soujourn in the land of the fee and home of the slave.  Tracklisting 1. Fuck the TSA (If You’re Molesting People, the Terrorists Have Already Won) 02:24 2. … Continue reading

New LP ‘Easy Listening Apocalypse’

I’m proud to present my latest LP ‘Easy Listening Apocalypse.’ Listen Free download

‘The Sleeper Must Awaken’ LP available now at iTunes, Google Play

Got my ‘The Sleeper Must Awaken’ LP up at iTunes, Google Play and elsewhere. Check it out!

New mixes

Working on some new mixes of tunes in prep for mastering; feel free to have a listen.

Release the Dubs

Cover design for Release the Dubs, remix LP from local Melbourne crew New Dub City. Had a lot of fun with this one; super stoked with the way it turned out too. The release itself is top notch, proves Melbourne is capable of producing quality dub beats with the best. Available as download from bandcamp … Continue reading

The Continuing Adventures of Ableton Loop #1

It’s too hot to read, write, or do anything else like that, so I fired up Ableton.

TripleJ Unearthed

Have set up an artist profile on TripleJ Unearthed.


Ites @ Soundcloud

I set up an account on Soundcloud.

Turbojugend 1

Turbojugend, sometimes shortened to TJ, is the international fan club of the Norwegian rock band Turbonegro. A Turbojugend member can be recognised by their specially-made denim jackets with the Turbonegro logo and “Turbojugend [name of chapter]” stitched on the back. The logo of Turbojugend Oslo can be found on almost every album Turbonegro has made. … Continue reading

Gut Frequencies

Another one from mid last decade. Working on new tunes at the moment; watch this space.

One Drop Ites

Still trying to find my way around Ableton Live; managed to make one or two loops I’m happy enough with this far. This was one of them.  

The Middle Children of History

Another one from around 2005. Working on new tunes at the moment; watch this space.

Citywide Wildcat

Logo and sticker I designed for a Citywide Wildcat towards the end of 2013, new Melbourne ska-punk band featuring former members of Final Warning and current members of A Commoner’s Revolt (website forthcoming).