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Reclaim the Future

I have successfully pitched and am writing a book that argues for a meaningful response to the climate crisis in terms of the truism from Einstein to the effect that ‘we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’ As currently set out now, the book, entitled Reclaim the … Continue reading

Q&A Tweets

Yeah uh, I collect Q&A tweets using my twitter account. In no particular order:

New Amazon Kindle eBook! ‘On Becoming What We Claim to Oppose: The Unwanted Lessons of the Russian Revolution’

Just published an ebook on Amazon Kindle: ‘The centenary of the Russian Revolution of October 1917 represents a unique moment for historical remembrance and celebration, the event in question a momentous episode in the history of working class struggle and a beacon of hope for anyone who has ever dared to dream of a basically … Continue reading

Maybe there was no collusion. What if there was?

    Gary Leupp, who has written good material in the past for Counterpunch, asks ‘What if there was no collusion?’ The entire point of the Mueller investigation, Leupp alleges, ‘has been to unite people around an anti-Russia, anti-Putin line, and view “Russian ties” as inherently suspicious, the better to isolate and topple a president … Continue reading

Media Hype, Imaginary Hobgoblins: Malcolm And Peter’s Politics Of Moral Panic

Homelessness? Housing unaffordability? Domestic violence epidemic? Growing income inequality? Climate change? Support for renewables? Nope. Apparently the main issue confronting the Victorian state election later in the year will be african youth gangs. Sat up to the very wee small hours of the morning writing up a piece on the federal government’s sleazy, vile and … Continue reading

Leninism as Conservatism: The Russian Revolution and the Lessons of History

If the past can be reduced to the failings of an individual, the complicity of an entire culture and its participation in that individual’s misdeeds need never come under scrutiny. – Sardar, Nandy and Davies, Barbaric Others The centenary of the Russian Revolution of October 1917 represents a unique moment for historical remembrance and celebrated, … Continue reading

The Scare Cycle: Moral Panics and National Elections

Have an article on moral panics and national election cycles in the latest issue of Arena Journal, No 47/48: ‘The Scare Cycle.’ Order your copy and/or subscribe at the journal website: http://arena.org.au/arena-journal-contents-pages/ #neveradmitfailure #inventbogeymen #scapegoattheweak #keepthepeasantsterrified #historyrepeats #politicsasusual #auspolitics  

Trumpylvania EP @ Beat

My last EP got a write up in Beat Magazine! You can check that out here. Click on the image to check out the Trumpylvania EP:

Crises Worthy and Otherwise: Terror Scare vs. Climate Change

Donald Trump began his first week in office by fulfilling his campaign pledge to declare a ban on immigration from predominantly Muslim countries he associates with terrorism—Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, though he neglected to name a single country where he has business interests. The ban has since been blocked in the … Continue reading

Historical Nature versus Nature in General: Capitalism in the Web of Life

Have a new academic piece in the latest edition of Capitalism Nature Socialism, a review essay built around Jason W. Moore’s excellent Capitalism in the Web of Life (Verso). Access it via Academia.edu here.

The Short Sell: Penalty Rates, Reaganomics and the ‘Jobs Motive’

The recent decision to cut penalty rates in Australia is another step towards widening the gap between rich and poor, writes Ben Debney. https://newmatilda.com/2017/02/26/the-short-sell-penalty-rates-reaganomics-and-the-jobs-motive/

The Sleeper Must Awaken LP

The Sleeper Must Awaken LP Hensley Stout Recordings 2017 hensleystout001 https://ites-one.bandcamp.com

New tune! Trumpylvania (demo)

Was digging around on my hard drive for something the other night and found an old tune I made a decade ago and never uploaded to Soundclound. Gave it a quick name change and did just that! Enjoy 🙂  

Letter to Australian senators re. proposed lifetime ban on asylum seekers entering Australia

(The proposed lifetime ban on asylum seekers entering Australia has passed the lower house. You too can email cross-bench senators without even getting out of bed! * senator.hinch[at]aph.gov.au … (03) 9820 2222 * senator.lambie[at]aph.gov.au … (03) 6431 2233 * senator.xenophon[at]aph.gov.au … (08) 8232 1144 * senator.kakoschke-moore[at]aph.gov.au … (08) 8232 0220 * senator.leyonhjelm[at]aph.gov.au … (02) 9719 … Continue reading

Embrace obliteration

I think, therefore I am. I think and act for myself, therefore I am. I think and act for myself in recognising the existence of others with equal capacities as mine and the equal right to exercise them, therefore I am. Except we live in a world hostile to individual freedoms, and therefore to self-actualisation … Continue reading