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Ali MC @ Federation Square

A bit of my handiwork on display on the big screen at Federation Square. Props to Ali McKeich for highlighting the human rights abuses of the Rohingya in Burma. Check out http://www.alimc.com.au for more info. Advertisements

New Dub City – Urban Cleansing (2016)

New Dub City frontman Ali MC has teamed up with a host of international producers to drop the heaviest album from the collective yet – Urban Cleansing. The fourth album to be released on Ali MC’s own label Raspect Records, Urban Cleansing is a collection of bass heavy remixes of global beats and tribal rhythms … Continue reading

Corporate Accountability Research

For the last couple of weeks I have been helping Corporate Accountability Research prepare a series of 19 reports evaluating non-judicial redress mechanisms for human rights abuses. My graphic design handiwork and the reports, which have been five years in the making, are up on the web here (I was also responsible for the website).

Status Anxiety

Creeping Fascism

The Eyeball End

Poster for launch of ‘The Eyeball End’ – punk rock travel book by the one, the initimable Ali MC, designed by yours truly. Reading the book at the moment, it’s a ripper.

Release the Dubs

Cover design for Release the Dubs, remix LP from local Melbourne crew New Dub City. Had a lot of fun with this one; super stoked with the way it turned out too. The release itself is top notch, proves Melbourne is capable of producing quality dub beats with the best. Available as download from bandcamp … Continue reading

Deakin HDR Summer School poster

Been working on this for the last 4-6 weeks. Every image and feature was a separate Photoshop layer, which made the Mac shit itself in new and unexpected ways on more than one occasion. Stood up to an A0 image being worked on at 300dpi by a mental case like yours truly in the end … Continue reading

Falasteen Habibti

Cover design for David Rovics’s new CD ‘Falaseen Habibti’ (‘I Love Palestine’).

Sgt. Abbott’s Ideological Billy Club Band

Art produced for a poster advertising an upcoming A Commoner’s Revolt gig in Melbourne.  

Turbojugend 1

Turbojugend, sometimes shortened to TJ, is the international fan club of the Norwegian rock band Turbonegro. A Turbojugend member can be recognised by their specially-made denim jackets with the Turbonegro logo and “Turbojugend [name of chapter]” stitched on the back. The logo of Turbojugend Oslo can be found on almost every album Turbonegro has made. … Continue reading

New Dub City

For the Melbourne band New Dub City. From their bio: “Producer and frontman Ali MC began New Dub City in early 2010 as a desire to combine his love of late 70’s reggae, dub and punk with musical and lyrical styles experienced while traveling through places such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Haiti and the Middle East. … Continue reading

Big Tony is Watching

In collaboration with Lying Nasty Pricks.

The Last Biscuit

Friends of the Earth

A little job I did for Friends of the Earth in 2012; one of my favourites. http://yes2renewables.org/2012/08/14/the-geelong-advertiser-conservation-group-fans-environment-debate/ http://yes2renewables.org/2012/08/16/campaign-diary-2012-letterboxing-south-barwon/ http://yes2renewables.org/2012/08/20/time-to-cool-hot-air-over-wind-power/