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Q&A Tweets

Yeah uh, I collect Q&A tweets using my twitter account. In no particular order: Advertisements

A Tale from the City

One day, long ago, a man stood where a city would be built and said, out of this city will be built a graveyard for the autonomous creativity of the mass, and it was done. And that city grew, and it churned and heaved with the sweat and frustration of the many, and the masters … Continue reading

Silent Majority PSA

We must have oppression or we will have chaos. If you think for yourself the terrorists win. The interests of the privileged and those of the many are more or less the same thing, thus to serve the few is to serve the public good. The truth of an idea is determined by the number … Continue reading

Ships in the Night

1/1. Life in the midst of war, upheaval and uncertainty: the daily possibility of becoming the next statistic, the difficulty of getting basic household items, the intermittent electricity and other essential services. Sitting in the dark of night watching tracer fire and explosions in the moonlight with a warm breeze on your face. Somewhere far … Continue reading

The Booger Peril

Have self-published a novel. ‘A moral panic erupts on Earth over immigrants from another planet, who begin arriving after humanity makes contact with aliens from outer space (or as I like to call them, ‘space terrorists’). The more things change, the more they stay the same. bendebney.info/theboogerperil