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Hanson’s Latest Whingefest

Narcissistic attention seeker and professional supply addict Pauline Hanson protests descriptions of racism and comparisons to racist counterpart US Presidential candidate Donald Drumpf. ‘Australians are so over being labelled as racist,’ Hanson says to Sky News, while both she and her interviewers somehow manage to miss the glaring cognitive dissonance of denying being racist while … Continue reading

Book launch

Book launch: ‘The Booger Peril: A History of Things to Come’ Saturday 19 March, 6pm @ NIBS meeting room, Trades Hall, Carlton. Will have copies on sale for anyone keen to grab one. Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1552385328410118/1568833226765328/

@ Arena | ‘Halal Hysteria’

@Piece in Arena Magazine; text is an edited version of a talk I gave on ‘Halal Certification: The Muslim Scapegoating and the National Safety Valve’ at the “Muslim Question,” Citizenship and Racism Symposium run by Deakin in December 2015. Here’s the first page; if you like the rest go buy the magazine!

Facebook Community Standards strike again

Community of racists, apparently.  


Render Unto the Beast

First short story I’ve written in years; wrote it for a short story competition in 2015. It didn’t win. It didn’t even place. I’m still happy with it. * An electronic device on the bedside table begins a dull drumbeat, like your heart pounding inside your head as you face a firing squad. Like maybe … Continue reading

What a Terrorist Incident in Rome Can Teach Us

IN the autumn of 68 B.C. the world’s only military superpower was dealt a profound psychological blow by a daring terrorist attack on its very heart. Rome’s port at Ostia was set on fire, the consular war fleet destroyed, and two prominent senators, together with their bodyguards and staff, kidnapped. The incident, dramatic though it … Continue reading

Case Study: Karen

From the Australian Greens: So, the Minister for Counter-Terrorism has given education ministers “radicialisation awareness information kits” for their students to help identify warning signs of radicalisation in young people. Meet Karen. Karen went to an environmental protest one afternoon with her friends. She describes it as “exhilarating, fun and she felt like she was … Continue reading

Chicken and the Egg

You know that old riddle about the chicken and the egg and which came first? I had an idea about how to answer that, which is neither and both since they’re the same thing. You might as well ask which came first, the human or the baby. The problem isn’t that the answer is unknowable, … Continue reading

Counterpunch, May 8-10

Got another article up at Counterpunch.org, written in the aftermath of the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran by the Indonesian government: Drug Trafficking and the Politics of Vengeance.

Latest toy

Still needs some grip but sure is fun to roll around on.       

15 Seconds of Fame

My tweet made it onto Q&A the other month. Funny thing was I wasn’t really watching; had flipped over on the ad break.

Iced Tea

This recipe is called the Bomb Diggity because that’s what it is. I’ve made a few shitty batches of iced tea lately, but then today I made this and it was awesome. You will need: 1 Pot (to mix the iced tea in, not to smoke you fool) 1 Packet Camomile teabags 1 Packet Green … Continue reading

A little collage

Israel & Palestine: The Sandpit Chronicles

Two toddlers, let’s call them Israel and Palestine, were sitting in a sandpit. Palestine had a spade; Israel wanted the spade so it hit Palestine and took it. Palestine began to cry. An adult came running and demanded to know what happened. ‘Israel took my spade!’ Palestine cried. Israel began to cry. ‘It was my … Continue reading