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New Dub City – Urban Cleansing (2016)

New Dub City frontman Ali MC has teamed up with a host of international producers to drop the heaviest album from the collective yet – Urban Cleansing.

The fourth album to be released on Ali MC’s own label Raspect Records, Urban Cleansing is a collection of bass heavy remixes of global beats and tribal rhythms from the streets of Bristol and the slums of Haiti, to the red dirt of remote Aboriginal communities.



762 MM (Ghostsoul)
Kingston Yard (Missile feat. Precise)
Drop Bass Not Bombs (Mikal)
Living in Exile (Lion Empire feat. Abe Nouk)
Karnaval (DJ Ceiba feat. Voodoo Dred)
Kou Kou (Lion Empire feat. New Dub City Crew)
Unify (U-Wish feat. Ali MC, Daniel E and Abe Nouk)
Zeitgeist (Konvd)
Pukulpa Mulapa (Major Delay)
Glitchfight (Ghostsoul)

All songs remixes of original New Dub City songs from previous albums Home (2011) and Tap Tap (2013)

Executive Producer: Ali MC
Mastering: Mikal
Cover Artwork: ELK
Cover Design: Ben Debney
Copyright: Raspect Records 2016


released November 15, 2016


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