I live in Melbourne, Australia, and am a qualified secondary teacher, writer and PhD candidate in International Relations at Deakin. My PhD research theorises a model of panic-driven crisis leveraging and scapegoating using case studies in witch panic, communist panic and terrorist panic, and interdisciplinary studies including moral panic research in sociology, and moral disengagement studies in social psychology. The working title of my thesis is ‘The Oldest Trick in the Book.’ I have made a Pinterest to collect some of the data I find online.

I do a lot of writing; you can find some of my academic writing on Academia.edu. With my thesis almost done, I have started work on another book called Reclaim the Future, about responses to the climate crisis that avoid the pitfall of embracing the thinking tht created it. I wrote and, in 2016 self-published, a novel, The Booger Peril. A moral panic develops on Earth after we make first contact with an alien species (or as I like to call them, ‘space terrorists’). These aliens are said to be coming to this planet to steal our jobs and destroy the peaceful and benign human way of life, or something.

I produce beats under the moniker Ites One. It’s a vague reference to rising above your enemies; other than that I was looking for the shortest name possible. You can hear my tunes on Soundcloud and download them on Bandcamp.

I have a BA with Honours in history from La Trobe, and an MA in history from the University of Melbourne, for which I produced a thesis. You can download that as a PDF here.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Feel free to use the form below to drop me a line.






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